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Sux the Sea Cucumber!

Who am I

I'm getimiskon (or gettie for friends). I'm a hobbyist sysadmin and radio DJ.

I occasionally post about things related to technology, or whatever I have in mind and I feel like writing about. Although most of the time I'm probably posting on IRC channels, on the Fediverse, and rarely on imageboards. I also mess with server software as well as contributing on various projects. I also do live radio shows once in a while.

Other stuff I enjoy are music, both listening and producing, making web buttons and cooking, although I still have to improve myself on that. Feel free to say hello!

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Find me on Fediverse:

Ask me your questions at Retrospring


I run the following services for myself and my friends

XMPP Instant messaging
Fediverse Social media
Sakisafe File upload
IRC IRC chat
Mumble Voice chat
Radio Radio stream
Git Git hosting

For more information about the services, click here.

Have fun.




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