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Line In PulseAudio Script

A simple BASH script to loopback the audio from an external source to your speakers or headphones.

Gitea - GitHub

Simple Distribution Updater

A GUI program that updates your system. It's better not to be used as a way to actually update your system with it. It's made as a way to learn how to write a simple GUI on Python.

Gitea - GitHub

YouTube CLI Viewer

A script that helps you watch videos (not just YouTube videos) by using youtube-dl and mpv. It has options for various quality settings.

Gitea - GitHub


A script that allows you to change Conky themes on the fly.

Gitea - GitHub


A Discord bot that I use on some Discord servers.

Gitea - GitHub

Suckless Setup

My personal setup of suckless programs (dwm, dmenu, st, slstatus)

Gitea - GitHub

CLI Assistant

A CLI desktop assistant inspired from Siri, Cortana and other similar assistants, for Linux.

Gitea - GitHub

Graph generator

A program that automatically generates ".net" files for usage in network visualization software.

Gitea - GitHub

Created by getimiskon.