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Webring and updates on the website

Posted in 2020-08-25


This is a small post I'm writing about a few changes that happened in the time I didn't posted anything interesting, like my last guide. A few changes have been done in the website, and some of them are more noticeable than others.


A few days ago, I found out this thread on Lainchan, about an old-school webring. The concept of the webring is similar to my list of links, adding links of websites that you find interesting. So, I decided to post my website as well.

I didn't thought that the lainons would like my page, and for those who visited my webpage, liked it and left those few good replies in the thread, thank you!

If you want to check out the links from the webring, click here.

Changes in the website

Since the last post on the blog section, about a month ago, a few things have been changed. Some changes are easier to see than others.

  • If you have visited the webpage at least a month ago, you will see that the navigation bar links have changed a bit. I have removed a few options and pages. Also, I added the Projects page, to showcase some of my best projects that I have uploaded on GitHub.

  • I have added a few banners in the home page. Personally, I don't like using banners that much, but I made them for those who like to add those in their pages, to link to my website. It was fun to make the electronic circuit banners :).

  • It's more difficult to notice, but the alignment of the pages has been improved. Now it's centered.

And I will update the links, blog and projects section when I have something good to share here, of course.


To sum up, there were a few changes that happened in the last month, and one of the best ones is the webring. I know that I upload stuff a few times per month, but it takes time to make something good.

Also, I'm working on a technology-related article for some time, and it will probably be the next post here.

Have a nice day.